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Discover the world of Nesmuk chef's knives from Germany – how they were created, what makes them so special and why more and more ambitious amateur and professional chefs swear by the sharpness and the beauty of Nesmuk. +++For German speaking users - have a look at: Exklusive Messer und Damastmesser der Nesmuk GmbH & Co. KG+++.

Our unique knife ranges include the hand-crafted Nesmuk EXKLUSIV, DIAMOR®, JANUS and Nesmuk SOUL; the ranges include Chef’s knives and the new Nesmuk Folder / folding knives. One thing which they all have in common: the production of every German Nesmuk knife is according to the optimization principle. For every scope of application, guaranteeing optimum material quality and composition, perfect blade geometry and maximum precision. Every step has to be perfect in order to achieve the best quality of exclusive knives.

The hand-crafted Damascus knives from Nesmuk convey the unique craftsmanship know-how. The Exklusiv range is entirely handmade from the first to the last step - from drawing to forging, tempering, annealing and the wet grinding of the hollow-ground blade to the mounting of the handle. These result in luxury from Germany with forms which have never been seen before, and give an incredible cutting experience when cooking.

All of the them are unique in their each and own ways. The Nesmuk EXKLUSIV range represents the outstanding craftsmanship (Please refer to: Press News about Nesmuk); it combines the best characteristics of a Damascus knife: first and foremost, a premium-quality blade which is not stainless on purpose, this allows the steel (more information under: Glossary) to have up to 60 times finer cutting performance. These consist of either – in the full Damascus variety, 480 layers of Damascus steel, or the “Damascus with cutting edge” range 400 layers of wild Damascus and a cutting edge in finest carbon steel. Both of the them deliver extraordinary sharpness and long-lasting cutting edge retention, probably the best knives in Germany and the world.

Nesmuk SOUL is another one of the products of the German knife manufactory. It represents the original and at the same time still extraordinary. The production consists of half-manual and half-machinery. It is functional and aesthetic at the same time. The DIAMOR chef's knife on the contrary, has a coating which is comparable to barely one tenth of a human hair with a sensational hardness of 5500 Vickers which guarantee extreme long-term edge retention. Last but not least there is the JANUS range; the blade is made of high-performance steel. The diamond-like-carbon coating represents tradition and progress by a German brand.

We highly recommend the use of our knife holders when it comes to storing Nesmuk chef's knives . As well as using our oil for maintenance. You find these products in the navigation under the category “Accessories”. For the handling and care please see the tips for users under “Service”.

The fascination of Nesmuk Chef’s knives from Germany

JANUS, SOUL and the EXKLUSIV ranges are also available in slicing knife; with blade length of 160 mm and thickness of 2 or 2,5mm. They are just as good when it comes to cutting force, even more comfortable to use: light with no heavy weight of a conventional Damascus knife. Professional chefs and ambitious amateur chefs show great appreciation when working with a Nesmuk from Germany.

All of the chef’s knives are available in selected handles, from precious woods such as Cocobolo, Grenadill and up to 6400 years old bog oak, to high-resistant Juma or Micarta. In addition, Nesmuk EXKLUSIV Damascus knives are available in precious wood handles palisander, Macassar ebony, birch burl, amboina or Bahian rosewood. Simply select your favourite handle from our web shop and let Nesmuk create a piece of luxury which is especially made just for you.

The new highlights of the range are the pocket-knives by Nesmuk: Folding knives, which set new standards in their category, both in design and the selecting of the materials, as well as the processing. Here we are not talking about traditional kind of a pocket-knife, rather more about a real statement for the gourmets who really appreciate something special. Be it a steak or piece of fish, they would always cut the food with style, sophistication and respect no matter where they are. Customers from Nesmuk can choose from the ranges of EXKLUSIV Folder, JANUS Folder and SOUL Folder. Extravagant handles such as tiger iron or black jade are available in Nesmuk EXKLUSIV Folder range, or desert ironwood in the SOUL range.

For those who have a passion for extraordinary Nesmuk products, you can order them straight away in the Nesmuk online-shop http://www.nesmuk-shop.de/en/, or click the category Retailers on this site to find our retailers in your region. Apart from the different range of knives (Nesmuk EXKLUSIV, DIAMOR®, JANUS, and SOUL), the web shop also offers accessories for sharpening, cutting and maintenance care. Take the example of Damascus knife: when used together with the high quality Nesmuk cutting and serving boards, optimal cutting performance can be reached. Belgian whetstone and Nesmuk strop are perfectly suited for keeping the sensitive Damascus blade in shape and restoring its extraordinary sharpness.

The value of our Damascus blades is recognized by characteristic such as thousand years old unchanged form and the sign of highest quality and authenticity, such as the bat emblem on each of the EXKLUSIV Damascus knife.

Innovation, tradition and the craftsmanship are united perfectly in our German forge. Thanks to Nesmuk Damascus knives range, the fascination finds its way into the kitchens of the world again.

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